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This is a really interesting game. In this new world, you will have a really cute pet. His name is Pou. Do not underestimate this virtual pet. He is much clever than the real pet. And he can be your best buddy if you would like to visit him every day. You can do a lot of interesting things together. Of course, it is not a very easy thing to nurture a pet day by day. You need to spend a lot of time and energy in taking care of him. But it will give you a deep sense of satisfaction. The contents of your job are varied. You need to feed this alien pet timely. And you need to play with it from time to time, otherwise it will feel boring. It is no necessary to say that you need to clean its body and buy food for it. All of these things that you do for your pet will make him happy and feel like he is living in paradise. So although you may feel tired sometimes, but everything you've done him will not be wasted. He also feels grateful toward you. Together, you can try to unlock different wallpapers and outfits. The new wallpaper and outfit will give you a totally different game experience. You will never feel monotonous. And you can always choose whatever kind of wallpaper and outfit that is fit for your own style and your own taste. No one can tell you how you should customize your favorite. So you can just choose freely whatever you like in the store. Of course, Pou is also exciting to wear the outfit that his sole master chose for him. To raise Pou is just like raising a child. You will find a lot of happiness that you can never have with an adult. Pou is always so simple that you do not need to make too much effort to make him happy. And it is a really satisfying thing to watch him grow up day by day. Sometimes you may feel tired because you need to sacrifice a lot of your own free time to take care of him. But he will also give you a lot of happiness in return in his own way. So you just need to focus on your job and collect as many coins as possible. It is your time to have a really wonderful time with your favorite pet. Nothing else matters. If you allow, I have a big secret to tell you, that is, there is a lab in which there are different kinds of potions. So if you would like to, you can try to do some really interesting experiments by using the potions. There is no need for you to worry about that you cannot do any experiments since you are not a chemist and you know nothing about chemistry. Just use your imagination and try all the different stuff and see what might happen. The most important thing is to spend a really great time with Pou and explore this new world together. Believe me, you will be the best owner in this world! And Pou has already waiting for you for a very long time. Don't let him wait too long. Just download this wonderful game right now and start your adventure together. The bond that you will create between you and your virtual alien pet will make you feel really happy. And every time when you feel unhappy or distressed, you can always turn to Pou. He is always there whenever you need him!

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