• My Talking Tom 2

  • My Talking Tom 2
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  • Size:Varies with device
  • Date:2018-11-06
  • Version:4.1
  • Developer:Outfit7 Limited
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Editor's Review :

Do you like little kitten? In this game, you will meet our cute cat Tom. You need to take care of him in every respect. For example, you need to take him to the bathroom and feed him in time; you need to buy toys for him to play, otherwise he might feel boring; you need to buy house decorations and furniture for him to feel comfortable. Although this cat is just a pet who is living in your phone, you need to remember all the time that you have a pet to take care of. In a word, you need to create the most comfortable conditions for him and love him. If you cannot do all this for the little cat, there will be a health bar to remind you. You can track the cat's condition by checking the health bar from time to time. But in this game, you will be rewarded for taking care of our little Tom. That is to say, you can take Tom's plane to explore the world, visit his friends and Tom will repeat whatever you say in a funny voice during your journey. Besides, you can play all kinds of pranks on Tom. For example, you can order the dog to throw the pillow at Tom's face; and you can make the dog farts and enjoy Tom's hilarious reactions. Hope you have a great time with Little Tom!

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