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  • Date:2015-02-11
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    Uncertain of his sister's fate, a boy enters LIMBO.
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Editor's Review :

This is a very interesting game. It will help you learn something meaningful about your life. In this game, you will play as a little boy who tries to save his sister from the hell. And in order to successfully save his sister, he starts this journey to hell on his own. There is nobody else to help him. He is totally alone. And he will travel across the ocean, climb up the mountain, and grope through the dark forest. The whole atmosphere is spooky since there is no light. Everything is in absolute darkness. So you must be brave while you are playing this game. You will find that whenever you go, there are dangers everywhere. So it means that you must be careful all the time. Otherwise, it is very easy for you to fall into different kinds of traps. And it is highly possible for you to be attacked by unknown creatures. About this little boy, he thinks that he must sacrifice everything to save his sister from hell. So you must try your best to help this little boy. You must help him deal with those giant spiders, those poisonous creatures and those rolling stones. Of course, this is not a very easy job. And to conquer all of these obstacles, you must conquer your own fear first. You will come across many unexpected trials. And you must face all of them bravely. Everything ahead is unknown. In this mysterious world, you can never lose your cautiousness. Your life is in danger all the time. And it is very important for you to be clever and try to use your wisdom to solve all the puzzles. The most important thing is to learn to take advantage of all the things around, including the dead bodies. And no matter what happens, you must keep calm all the time. Even if you are killed by some unknown creature, you must try again and never give up. Although the whole game is a little bit challenging and difficult, you will enjoy yourself a lot and you will have a really exciting adventure. Everything in this game is so real that you will feel like that you are in the actual hell. And the sad thing is that you are also not sure where his sister is, but you have no other choice but to try your best to walk forward. And it will definitely give you a deep sense of satisfaction by solving all the puzzles by yourself. The process of dealing with all the tricky problems will make you become stronger and stronger. And you will love the meaning included in this game, except for its exciting adventure. At the end of the game, if you are patient enough and if you can successfully reach to your destination, you will notice that the boy does find his sister. But when his sister turns around, everything becomes unknown again. This is a huge mystery. You can have different kinds of conclusions and explanations. Maybe his sister is already changed into something else or maybe his sister's face is damaged, or maybe his sister becomes the devil itself. Everything is possible. So from a deeper level, this game can help us have a clear understanding about life and death. As human beings, it is normal for us to get attached to intimate feelings and relationships and some things that are very valuable to us. And we have this desperate longing for sharing and the feeling of getting connected. And usually loneliness is an unbearable thing for most of us. So when we lose some beloved one, we will sacrifice everything to save this person. But sometimes maybe it is just futile. This game also teaches us that we must learn to embrace both the bright and the dark side of life. And sometimes it is a very unwise thing to refuse the dark side of life because if we cannot learn to embrace the dark side, we will lose the opportunity to enjoy the bright side. We must be as brave as the little boy who went through a lot of difficult situations and who risked his own life to save his sister, even if the result is that he may not get what he wants. The ultimate result is unknown. In the meantime, we will also understand that sometimes when we get stick to something or someone, it is more easy for us to lose this thing or this person. So this game also teaches us that we must admit the the fact that sometimes it is just beyond our ability to save our beloved one, even if this person is so important for us. Besides, this game also tells us to discard this inborn stubbornness of wishing everything to keep the same. Anyway, you will have a really exciting adventure with this little boy in this hell. No one can tell you what may happen next. In order to help this little boy save his sister, you must be brave. You must make all of your efforts to get to the final destination. And you will better understand your own life while you are helping this little boy conquer all the obstacles. After all the sufferings and all the trials, you will get to your destination and you will certainly have a clear understanding of your own life. And you will definitely feel proud of yourself when you are getting closer and closer to this little boy's sister. Actually, it is really hard to get to his sister without turning to the hints or any other extra guidance. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to start this journey toward hell. And you will definitely enjoy yourself a lot during this process. But you must be fully prepared mentally because you will go through a lot of trials during your journey. If you are a person who loves to challenge yourself and who is ready to experience something exciting and mysterious. You can start your adventure right now!

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