• Granny: Chapter Two

  • Granny: Chapter Two
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  • Size:98M
  • Date:2019-09-06
  • Version:4.1
  • Developer:DVloper
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Editor's Review :

It is a terrible thing that you wake up and find yourself being locked up in a dark house. In order to survive, you must try your best to get out of here. After you climb up the stairs and do some observation. You find out that this is Granny's house. As usual, Granny is a bad-tempered person. She is angry all the time and attacks anyone who intrudes her privacy. So she does not like bright house or big windows. Everything here is dark and there is not too much furniture. You will just see a simple house made of wood. Although the house is still the same house, but the people who live here will be different in this game. This time you will not only meet Granny but also Grandpa. No matter you come across Granny or Grandpa in this game, you must shoot them as soon as possible because they are both armed. But they will not be dead forever. After a while, they will revive again. Once they come to life again, they will avenge themselves and attack you harder. So please do not drop your gun. You will need your gun to protect yourself from time to time. And to get out of this house successfully, you will need to find all the keys to open those doors. These keys are very important for you. The good news is that it is not very difficult for you to find all these keys one by one. As long as you collect all of them, you can find your way out. But while you're doing your mission, you must be careful and keep quiet because even though the house is huge, Granny's hearing ability is marvellous. Even the most trivial sound will lead you come at you at the first moment. And it is more terrible to meet Grandpa because he is more violent and he will hit you hard and you will be dead on the spot. But you can also hide yourself under the bed or in the wardrobe if you find yourself in a dilemma and there is no other way for you to go. Generally speaking, the whole atmosphere is a little bit scary and the music is also creepy. It is an exciting adventure. It will also improve your ability to keep calm in front of danger or emergency situations in real life. In a word, if you want to try something exciting or if you want to refresh yourself by trying something different, this game will be the best choice for you. It is horrible and it scares you to want to run away immediately from this terrible place. But it is also fun to explore this mysterious and dark place. And it will give you a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment by saving yourself and successfully escape Granny and Grandma's pursuit eventually!

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