• Craft Runner - Miner Rush

  • Craft Runner - Miner Rush
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  • Date:2021-03-18
  • Developer:ABI Global LTD
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    Miner, Runner, Crafter - Join the Pixel Clash Game: Build your own craft world.
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Editor's Review :

If you love playing craft man games, you should definitely try this one because it will give you an awesome gaming experience. Actually, this is a running game, but it is different from other typical running games. You will not just run forward because you also need to chop down obstacles. But it is not that kind of challenging because the character will chop down all the trees and other obstacles automatically. But still it is not that kind of easy either because there is always some obstacles that your character cannot deal with. For example, you cannot let your character drop into a fire pit. Otherwise, your character will be burnt to ashes. And you need to start from the beginning. But it is difficult to avoid some fire pit. It is very likely for your character to drop into some fire pit by accident, especially after chopping down some tree because the fire pit may locate right behind this tree, so there is not enough time for you to change the direction. It is the same thing to the moving axes. You cannot let your character be cut into pieces by the moving axes; and you cannot let your character be smashed down by the moving hammer. So it is very important for you to keep concentrating all the time while you are playing this game. Once you get distracted, it is very likely for your character to drop into the fire pit or be killed by other moving obstacles. But it is impossible for you to get bored with this game even if the game pattern is obviously the same for each level. But you can just run forward and chop down things without stopping. At the end of the level, you will build some structure. But it feels awesome to build a house or other cute figures. Besides, you can also collect a lot of gold coins along your adventure. But it is necessary for you to collect all the gold coins. Or at least you should try your best to get as many gold coins as possible, because you will need them to buy new skins. And there is always something unexpected. You will get a new extra tool to chop down things if you are lucky. And every time you get a new tool in your hand, you will become cooler. There are many players around the world who love this game very much. It combines the features of running games and building games together. You will have the fun of building things and running forward at a very fast speed. Your character will also perform some spinning stunts to smash all the obstacles in a row. The feeling is amazing when you are watching your character doing the spinning magic. So this is a great game for you to challenge your reaction speed. And there is no need for you to be too harsh on yourself. Even if you fail, you can always start from the beginning. If you have special feeling towards craft man, you just cannot miss this game. And you should take your time to explore this world bit by bit. At the beginning, things are quite easy. But after you play for some time, you will be faced with more challenges and more obstacles. You may even get stuck in front of the same obstacle again and again. But giving up should not be an option. You should just continue figuring out new strategies to conquer this obstacle. And you will definitely get a very deep sense of satisfaction by overcoming such a challenging obstacle. So obstacles are definitely annoying. But in the meantime, it is these obstacles which make this whole game awesome. You should not refuse these creative obstacles. So you will have a great time by collecting wood, gold and lumber to build and craft your own dream horse. Besides, you can also enjoy yourself by exploring the map and bravely fighting against dangerous monsters and zombies. But the thing is that you do not have unlimited amount of resources. So you need to collect enough resource to build your own village, city and castle and you need to grow your own animals. Once you become strong enough, you can choose to attack other users' kingdoms. Unlike other mine craft games, you could only move by following the straight line. You cannot move back. So there is no need for you to look back. All you need to do is to run forward and reach to your destination by avoiding all the traps. All the amazing buildings and the cute animals are waiting for you to craft. As long as you try your best, you will be the king of your land. There is no unhealthy content of any kind. So it is very suitable for the adult, boys and girls and even the kids to play. It is actually a perfect game for the family members to play together. The kids will love to build those cute animals, including chicken, fish, sheep and wolf and so on. You will also have a happy time through building your own shelter. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to get ready and to discover all the hidden secrets of this mysterious cubic world. You will enjoy yourself a lot while you are exploring this cubic world. The most important thing is that you will eventually build your own kingdom as long as you refuse to give up. This game is also a great test of your hand-eye coordination. You will be pushed to think and react fast while you are playing this game. So if you play such games for a long period of time, you will find that you can react really fast in front of any potential dangers. So this whole game is not only about having a great time. Besides, you will also harvest a sharp mind!

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