• Brawl Stars

  • Brawl Stars
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  • Size:130M
  • Date:2018-12-12
  • Version:4.3
  • Developer:Supercell
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Editor's Review :

This is a wonderful shooting game. You will experience a lot of fun by playing this game. Everything is so exciting and amazing. It is developed and launched by Supercell. As we all know that Supercell is a company which regards high quality as its priority. So this game will not let you down. You will regret if you miss the opportunity to try it. Each detail is perfect. There are different types of characters for you to choose. You can choose to play different characters in this game. So there is no way for you to feel boring. Each character will give you a kind of new feeling since different characters own different special skills. But it is a huge challenge for your hand-mind coordination to fully release the power of these special skills. So if you're a sniper, you must aim precisely and kill your enemy with one shot. Otherwise, you will give your opponent a golden opportunity to kill you first by taking advantage of your failure. But it also feels wonderful to be an excellent sniper. The most exciting thing is that you can invite your best friends to compete with each other. Of course, it is very important for us to be the final winner while playing a very competitive shooting game. But the pleasure of playing such kind of game not only lies in winning, but also in enjoying yourselves in this game together. So remember to cover your friends' back from time to time. And when you are in emergency, you will also have friends behind your back. Anyway, this is a very popular game. Many players like this game very much. And it is not very difficult for you to play this game even if you have no experience. Once you become a skilled player, you will have a kind of invincible feeling. This feeling can help you relieve your pressure in real life both psychologically and physically, it can also help increase your self-confidence and self-satisfaction. There are not too many rules. You can just focus on your job and be fast. Quick speed is the key in this game. And since this is a very exciting shooting game, and since this game requires you to react really fast, so everyone is a little bit intense and restless. But it is very important for you to be patient and never lose your self-control. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a very disadvantageous situation, you will lose your battle. And each bullet counts. So you must always aim precisely and take down your enemy with one shot. It is time to release your superpower and show the world your real shooting skill. Try to win as many cups as possible. And with these cups, you can unlock new levels. A lot of unexpected surprises are waiting for you in the new levels. Actually, this game is a combination of many mini- games. If you can successfully unlock a new level, which means you obtain an opportunity to try new mini-games. Unlike other shooting games, the tasks in different levels are not the same. So sometimes it is not enough for you to just have fast speed and the quick reaction, you also need to come up with some really effective strategy to take down your enemies. But you must always believe in yourself that you are invincible and you can do it! Or you will be the first one to die!

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