• Baldi's Basics Classic

  • Baldi's Basics Classic
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  • Size:41M
  • Date:2019-12-16
  • Version:4.1
  • Developer:Basically, Games!
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Editor's Review :

This game is very helpful for children to learn basic mathematics. The background story of this game is that your friend left behind his seven notebooks at school. And the main character needs to go back to school and find back those seven notebooks. But their teacher Baldi like to ask them to answer questions. And each time the main character find one of the notebooks, he needs to answer three questions. Of course, there would be one coin rewarded for each correctly answered question. But if the question is wrongly answered, the main character would be chased after by their teacher Baldi. The bad news is that you might be stopped by the school Bully when you are running for your life. And sometimes there might appear a girl who is jumping the rope. She would ask you to jump rope with her for ten times. Even if this is time-consuming, but you have to do it. Of course, there are also some ways available for you to slowing your teacher down. For example, you can buy B soda water from the vending machine. By throwing this soda water at your teacher, you can slow her down and quiet her anger. It is better to use soda water at the end of the corridor. Another effective way is to use the phone which can disturb the teacher's hearing. But this method is not for free. You need to pay one coin for this. You can also try to cut the girl's rope into several parts. In this way, she will not ask you to jump ropes with her, which can also help you save time. So try every means to collect all the seven notebooks and find the true exit to run away. And then you would be the final winner!

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