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Zombie Highway
Zombie Highway

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Supported Platform:

  • iPhone
  • iPad

      Zombie Highway is a really wonderful game. In this game, players will be both a car racer and a zombie fighter. The main objective for players is not to kill all of these zombies but to survive. There will be a lot of barriers on the highway. So it is really a challenging thing to save their lives from the hands of those zombies. Generally speaking, this game has three advantages for players to enjoy. The first advantage is that the graphics of this game are of 3D. They are very vivid. So it is more exciting for players to enjoy this game. The second advantage of this game is that new levels are added. So this game will be refreshing for both new and old players. The last advantage is that there are multiple choices for players to choose in terms of the difficulty level. Thus if you are a new player, you can choose to have a practice first in the easy mode. In this way, this game will not be that frustrating for you. Anyway, this is a really exciting game and you definitely should not miss it. Or you will regret!