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  • Worldkrafts
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  • Date:2020-02-07
  • Developer:Zbiplay
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    You will be surprised that in this game, you can do anything
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Editor's Review :

This is an interesting open world sandbox game. Constructing is a work of art. This game can test your artistic taste and values. It is time for you to show off your talents and build a personal world for yourself. In this new world, you can fully enjoy yourself and no one will come to disturb you. You can design in a peculiar way and build some fairyland castle or something even not existed in this world. Everyone will marvel at your job. It is not that hard to play this game if you have the similar experience in playing the building games. The thing is that you can build anything you want with those pixel cubes. There are a variety of pixel cubes available. There are not too much restrictive rules here. The quality of the graphics is also awesome. You can nearly build everything. It is better for you to start from building a simple house or a toy, and then try to build something big and complicated like a castle, a garden, a swimming pool, etc. You can even build something that does not exist in this world. Any magnificent wonder can out of your hand in this game. To be specific, it is a challenge of your imagination. The best thing about this game is that you do not need to hurry or worry about the time limit, for there is no specific goals for you to accomplish in a given time and there is no specific task of any kind. You can just take your time and use the unlimited resources to build the wonders. Besides, you have a superpower in this game, that is, you can fly above the castle built by your own hands to enjoy your accomplishments, which will give you a deep sense of pride. At last, if you feel it is a little boring to play this game all by yourself, you can also ask your friend to play with you. The game has the multi-player mode. You can play online together and give each other some creative ideas about how to build your own kingdom. You will also have neighbors who are also busy with constructing their own magnificent world. Maybe you are not that kind of satisfied with our real world. This game will provide you an opportunity to create your own perfect dream world in which you will be the sole master and everything is under your control. You can use your imagination to build the most wonderful world!

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