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Winx Club: The Quest For The Codex
Winx Club: The Quest For The Codex

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  • Nintendo DS

      This is a game for kid. The charming point of this game lies in the braveness of the main characer Bloom. She is a little girl. And by accident, she owns a certain kind of magic. Thus she begins a wonderful journey. But of course there are all kinds of dangers and difficulties. Even if this is the case, she tries every means to collect as many as articles during her journey to finish her tasks. In order to achieve her goals, she has to take challenge from different kinds of characers. Don't worry, it will discourage your child to play this game because all of the operations are just mouse clicking. So as long as your child can move the mouse freely, this will be easy for him or her. Besides, this game is very beneficial to your child's imagination. By playing this game, your child will think things out of the box. That is to say, in the future he or she will be a creative person. As we all know, creativity is the mot valuable thing which is in great and urgent need in today's society. So it will be good for your children to play this game.