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Where's My Water?
Where's My Water?

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  • iPad

      Where's My Water is a really sweet game. It is both challenging and exciting to play this game. The main character Swampy is curious about everything around it. It aspires for the human life. So Cranky does not have too much good feelings for it although they live together in this underground sewer. Generally speaking, this game has three advantages compared with other similar games. The first advantage is that there are a lot of cute animals in this game. For example, you can always see farces staged by Swampy and Cranky because of Allie. At first Allie is Cranky's girlfriend. But afterwards, she becomes little Swampy's girlfriend. So Cranky is very upset and always bite off Swampy's water pipe. The second advantage is that players can also make a wish in the menu. They can click and open the wish card to make any wish. This is really attractive. The last advantage is that there are more than one levels in each chapter. Moreover, these levels are designed for different purposes. So players need to apply different ways to break through these levels one by one. Anyway, you will have a good time with our humorous and funny Swampy. So have a try for yourself!