Toca Hair Salon 3
Toca Hair Salon 3
Toca Hair Salon 3

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System Requirements:
      If you are a parent, you should spend some time to play this wonderful game with your kid. It can help your kid learn to embrace difference and try to master the skill of creativity. There are not too much restrictions. No rules have to be strictly obeyed. Your child can freely express his own thoughts about what is beautiful, what is stylish and what is fashionable. There are many creative things to do here. At the first sight, you may think it is really boring to play such a childish game with a kid. But believe me, you will find its value after you find out that it can bring so much joy to your kid who likes to braid hair so much in her daily life. And she is playing this game like she is carefully studying some treasure. It is definitely worthwhile for you to sacrifice some time to share this sheer joyfulness with your kid together. You just need to be patient and try not to judge your child no matter what kind of hairstyle she might make up. This is a golden opportunity for you to further know your child’s inner world. And the endless supply of characters and styling options will bring you a lot of joy.
      And in the salon, you can do a lot of work together, including cutting styling, washing and customizing your clients’ hair. All the tools are available on the bar at the bottom of the screen. And you can just swipe left or right to get access to ten tool sets. It is really interesting to make a wholly new hairstyle for your client. And each detail is vivid and real during the whole process.
      And there is no need to worry about that, if you make a mistake, there would be no way to get the original hair back. Even if you cut too much, you can turn to the grow tool to let the hair back and try to cut again. The most interesting thing is that the character will respond with different types of facial expressions and noises as you work. So when your performance is good enough, you will get a happy expression. But if you made a mistake, this character might feel sorry for you. Maybe it is very easy for you to tell the differences among all these different facial expressions and their implied meanings, but it might be a little bit difficult your kid. But after trying for some time, your kid will eventually learn to identify each character’s emotions. And when you're done, you can choose a background and take a snapshot of your masterpiece. So you can share it with your other family members. As you can see, your kid has lots of free room to express themselves, to be creative and to try out more looks in this open game. It is not about just making a certain style.
      Overall, this is a wonderful game. It allows kids to find their own style and to find out what is really good on them. They can do a lot of experiments here without worrying about making mistakes. And all these things would be impossible to try for kids in real life. But here kids can try basically everything that they have harbored in their bottom of heart about the perfect hairstyle. And if you would like to, you can try to encourage your kid to share her true feelings and ideas about why he or she chose a certain character and why she or he gave this character this type of hairstyle. The whole process can help you better understand your kid!