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Welcome into the world of life or death. In this world, you will be a sniper and you need to try your best to kill your enemies with preciseness. There is no mercy in this world. This world is a treacherous and competitive place filled with all kinds of dangers that might be out of your expectation at every turn. So you need to fully equip yourself with powerful weapons and perfect mental quality of calmness in front of dangers. You must keep yourself alive in this ruthless world until help reaches you. Generally speaking, you will like this game for all the exciting challenges. Besides, there are some distinctive features that make this game more appealing to players around the world. For example, the interface is extremely user-friendly. And it is also not very demanding in terms of skills, that is to say, you can just tap the screen to jump, run, sprint and shoot without any effort. Just one thing for you to remember, there is a time limit for each level. So it is better for you to take down your enemy before the time is out. And if you can beat the clock, you would be rewarded with a permanent weapon which is so powerful that it will be very useful for you to take down your enemies. With each level completed, you would also get a new skin which will give you a different feeling when you are aiming your enemies. And if you want to invite your friends to complete the tasks with you, there is a multiplier mode available. Facing all these difficult challenges in this game can help you face all those numerous challenges in your real life with calmness. So what are you waiting for?

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