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Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy

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  • Nintendo Wii

      This game is really magnificent. The background of this game is set in the outer space. In different galaxies, players need to collect stars to break through passes and get to another galaxy. First of all, the characters in this game are really cute. There are Mario, human-shaped mushroom, and flowers, etc. Each of them are equipped with special skills. You need to properly apply them to deal with your enemy. Besides, the pictures of this game is really clear. The actions performed by these characters are smooth. Unlike the actions in traditional FTG, they are awkward. Furthermore, the background music of this game is perfectly matched with the content of this game. It is really fascinating to appreciate the light music and the shining stars around you when you are plying this game. So if you are an adult, this game can remind you of your sweet childhood experience. And if you are a child, this game will create beautiful memory for you. Moreover, this game itself will be part of your best childhood memory. Don't worry, the operation method of this game is also very easy for players to master. Generally speaking, this game is of high quality. So why not have a try?