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Stick Warriors: Shadow of Legends
Stick Warriors: Shadow of Legends
Stick Warriors: Shadow of Legends

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      This is a really wonderful fighting game. It is very easy for you to become addicted to it. In this game, you will be an invincible warrior. And your mission is to protect everybody on earth by fighting against other enemies. It feels amazing to save other innocent people’s lives as a warrior. The control skills in this game are very basic. You just need to destroy all of your dragon enemies with your jumping and dodging skills. Besides, you can also perform amazing strikes and release powerful blows to defeat your opponents. There are many fighters with unique design style for you to choose. And each of them owns distinctive and special powers and skills.
      There is no way for you to feel boring. Different modes in this game will bring you into totally different worlds. And there are more than 30 maps in the story mode, which can help you connect to the other fighting characters quickly. And all these maps are not fixed. They are continuously upgraded and updated. And if you are new to this fighting game, you can first try the versus mode. Players of different game levels can try to challenge themselves freely in this mode. You will feel no pressure in this mode even if you are just a newbie. And in tournament mode, you can try your best to take down all of your enemies to win the “ultra instinct”. In each mode, the graphics are of high quality. And the stunning special skill will bring you wonderful gaming experience.
      You will find yourself getting involved in fierce and heroic fights in each mode. You must keep concentrating all the time and release your unparalleled fighting skills properly and timely. Of course there will be different types of weapons available. You will be a real hero at the help of all these creative weapons. But sometimes your opponents will be too strong for you to conquer them face to face. So it is wise for you to avoid such kinds of disadvantageous and dangerous fighting in order to survive. Anyway, the realistic and vivid fighting atmosphere of this game can bring you into a totally different world. You will find yourself invincible. You can crash against the high walls. You can easily break the numerous bones. And you can even defeat your enemies and all the other strong warriors by using both your wisdom and your flawless fighting skills. Nothing is impossible for you.
      Overall, if you are a fan of fighting games, this new fighting game will leave you breathless. Actually, this game is a huge arena where deadly and bloody battles conducted among your favorite stick man characters. In order to survive and to be the winner, you must always be brave and courageous. Never say die until you fight to the last drop of your blood. So just clear your mind and put on your warrior outfit to take part in the most fierce fighting ever. You will be proud of yourself. Nothing can make you become a coward even if you are in a risky situation. All the innocent residents on earth are waiting for your help. You are their only hope. So be fully prepared and fight against all of your opponents. Although you are alone in this combat, you must make all your efforts to be the final winner. As the representative of justice and hope, good luck will be always by your side and the final victory will be yours!