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Slap Kings
Slap Kings
Slap Kings

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      Well, this is a really interesting action game. At the first sight, it might be a little weird to slap somebody else. And for some girls, it is even rude to slap other people’s faces, but do not try to underestimate the fun that this wonderful game will bring to you. Right now, this game is very popular around the world since it is very easy to handle this game. Your job is very simple. You just need to slap your opponent’s face and become the slap champion. Of course, anybody can smack the opponent in the face. But the hard part is that you must make sure you're releasing your whole strength to slap your opponent down with one strike. And there is nothing you can do when it comes to getting slapped back. You don't have any option other than standing still there and taking the slap. So do not try to be clever or try to avoid because it is of no use for you to do so. The only thing you can do is to make all of your efforts to take your enemy down or slap him or her out of the stage when it is your turn. The good news is that you can put on a mask, but it requires you to watch a video beforehand to win this mask. But the help of this mask is little. Actually, the only thing that you can count on is your own strength.
      It seems that you just slap different people on different stages in various themed locations. But there is no way for you to feel boring. On the contrary, it is highly possible for you to get addicted to this game. Everything will just make you feel so amusing. And all the details are handled perfectly. The movements made by the characters on the stage are admirable. And the audience below look like real. The reactions they show for your slapping performance are quite real. Their facial expressions are also vivid whenever they are feeling sorry for you or applauding for you. And the damage you inflicted on your opponent’s face is also appalling, may it be a piece of bruise or a scratch.
      Each character is unique and has their own distinctive features. So you will feel like you are dealing with different powerful opponents on different stages, but not the same one on the same stage. And there are also trees, houses and typical architecture in different locations. The surroundings and the whole atmosphere are totally different in different levels. So you can always feel something new.
      Generally speaking, this is a really wonderful game for you to kill your spare time and for you to release your bad emotions and negative energies. And it feels really wonderful to slap somebody else when you're in a bad mood, especially when you are imagining this person as your unreasonable boss or as a certain person who is always against you and who brings you a lot of trouble in your real life. And in the meantime, it is also amazing to have such unimaginable strength to slap. And if you would like to, you can just invite your best friend to compete with you because it is really hilarious and humorous for you to slap each other because I believe that in real life there is no reason for you to do so. But in this game, you can have this golden opportunity to to try something really fun and something really out of your mind. It will make you laugh all the time. And it is really fun to compete with your best friend and see who will be the best slapper. So it is time for you to get ready to aim and slap really hard!