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Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

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  • iPhone
  • iPad

      Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders has been spoken highly of by many military fans. The story in this game was happed during the WWII. This game can help reveal the true face of history during that age by leading players to fight different battles appeared at that time. The most important thing is the excellent visual effect of this game. There are warcraft, craft carrier, fleet, and tanks, and so on in this game. Besides, players can choose different visual perspectives in this game to observe the combat and the actins taken by their enemy. This always makes players feel like they are in a real battle. Moreover, the battles included in this game were not pictured out by the developer. On the contrary, they are real bloody wars. Thus the game scene makes players feel more exciting. At the same time, this game also makes many players feel the importance of peace. Furthermore, this game help them learn to treasure the peace that we are enjoying today. In a word, this is a both wonderful and illuminating game. So if you are a war game lover, and then you cannot afford to miss it. Have a try because it is the classic of its own kind.