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Sesame Street: Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure
Sesame Street: Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure

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Supported Platform:

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo DS
  • PC

      This is a game designed for kid. It can help your child recognize upper and lower case letters. Besides, the sound made out by different characters are really sweet. Thus your kid will feel happy when playing this game. What is more, if your child choose the parrot and start the game, the parrot will teach your child learn English. At least there is one sentence pronounced by the parrot, that is "I am a parrot which can talk and love to talk about letters." What your child need to do is to circle out the correct letter spoken out by the parrot. And then the parrot will applaude for your child. Here comes a drawback. There is no reward except for the applause, which might bediscouraging for some kids. In a word, this game aims to improve your child's English prnounciation and help your child learn to identify different colors and shapes in an interesting way. In a long run, you child can identify the upper and lower letters in a correct way by himself. At the same time, your child can also learn to classify different shapes and colors. So why stop your child from playing this game? Come and join this game with your baby!