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  • Secret Neighbor
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  • Date:2022-04-24
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Editor's Review :

Secret Neighbor is a fascinating game. While you are playing this game, you will have two roles to choose. The first role is the brave child who tries to save his buddy from the confinement. And this poor hostage is locked behind the door. So you must try your best to help save this boy from this dangerous place. And another role is to play as the neighbor. You will notice that this neighbor is an adult who has bad motives. So you must always watch out for this neighbor. You will have lots of fun by playing as this bad neighbor. The story in this game is not that kind of meaningful or deep, but you will enjoy yourself a lot during your adventure. This game also contains an online multiplayer mode. So if you would like to, you can also invite your friends and other family members to play this game together. The mechanics of this game is very simple, that is, a whole squad competes against one person. So if you play as this one person, you must always be vigilant. There is no backup. And you must always watch out for this dangerous neighbor. You should always keep alert and try your best to figure out the perfect way of getting into the locked door without being captured. And you should always think carefully before you make any move. While you are playing this game, you will have a very chaotic experience with people getting picked off one by one. And players will become so distrustful of each other that sometimes you can see no other players within your eyesight. But even if one kid gets captured, there is no need for you to panic. You must always follow your own plan. It is normal if you notice that all of the other kids are dead and you are the only one survived. In the meantime, it is really fun to look around the house. You will find various key cards to unlock new areas. If you are lucky, you will also find useful evidence in the basement. If you are in a desperate situation and if there are no other players around who can rescue you, you must rely on yourself to protect yourself. The best part of is that you can have voice chat with your friends and other family members while you are having this adventure. So if you are in the emergent and dangerous situation and if you are in need of help, you can always ask for help. Besides, you will love all the levels which are designed in a rather creative way. All these levels will give you room to have more interactivity. While you are playing this game, you must always keep alert. There is no time for you to inspect the wallpaper. You have to be swift and you need to always have your wits about you. The good news is that you will love the ominous tones and the horror elements. Sometimes, you will be scared, but you will feel so excited at the same time. Before you start each level, you also have the golden chance to customize your favorite characters. If you can pick the perfect style for your character, you will have more fun while you are having this adventure. If your performance is good enough, you will also earn abundant reward. With these gold coins, you can buy many fancy items from the store. If you would like to, you can also pay with your real world money. But if you are a very patient player, you can earn all these incentives by following your own pace. The whole atmosphere of this game is rather intense. So while you are playing this game, you can never get distracted. Once you get distracted, it is very likely for you to make a series of mistakes. Anyway, this is a really fantastic and unique horror game with the online multiplayer mode. If you love playing Hello Neighbor, you will also fall in love with this game at the first sight. If you have already been to the Hello Neighbor universe, you will also find that things and characters in this game are very familiar to you. The only difference is that while you are playing this game, you need to cooperate with other players to successfully complete all these tasks. You can select one of the six kids and work together with the other members to find the key cards which are scattered around the houses. After you successfully collect all the six keys, you can open the basement doors and successfully rescue the hostage and escape. Of course, the evil neighbor will keep chasing you, but you can just run as fast as you can. If it is necessary, you can also strike back. It is impossible for you to become bored with this game within a very short period of time, because each house is full of rooms. And it is impossible for you to explore all the rooms within a very short period of time. And there are also extra locations available in each room. You will also find different security doors. In order to open these security doors, you also need to find all the key cards and many secret spots that lead to different nooks. So you must search each corner to find the key cards that are required to open the doors. It is really fun to search the cabinet, drawer wardrobe and the cupboard. You will notice that while you are having this adventure, different kids are equipped with totally different abilities and skills. So you must make full use of your own unique ability. In this way, you can move around the house more easily. While you are tasked with finding the remaining kids by yourself, you will be faced with lots of difficulties and you will be surrounded by different dangers. But playing as the evil neighbor is really exciting! Now it is the time for you to start this amazing horror adventure. If you have already played Hello Neighbor, you will find that this game is not that kind of challenging. And you will love its first-person perspective. It is really fun to explore every dark corner of this room, starting from the first-person perspective. And the controls are also smooth. After you choose your role, you can have your own fun time by exploring this big house and you will never regret for trying this intriguing and meaningful horror game. At last, the remarkable environmental design will leave a deep impression on you!

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