• Scary Teacher 3D

  • Scary Teacher 3D
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  • Size:37M
  • Date:2017-06-15
  • Version:4.2
  • Developer:Z & K Games
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Editor's Review :

Did you ever come across a teacher who gives you an impression that he or she is really scary? Of course, everyone wants to meet a soft and gentle teacher. But in our real life, there is a huge possibility we might meet a strict and scary teacher. No one will like such kind of scary teacher. But there is not too much that we can do about it. So in this game, you will have an opportunity to release all your bad feelings toward this scary teacher and forget everything from now on. In this respect, this game is very healthy for you to keep your mental health. In this game, you will meet this scary teacher whose name is Miss T. And you will play the role of a genius high school girl who is trying her best to deal with her first high school teacher. The scary teacher has been threatening kids, giving physical punishment and at times even torturing kids and doing a lot of bad stuff. Now the strange thing is that the scary teacher has moved her house and become your neighbor. So you decide to take this perfect advantage and to teach the teacher a lesson by scaring her at the help of all kinds of creative strategies. So you must think before you do the real things. For example, you need to think beforehand what could be the best way of taking revenge in this world. And this revenge must not hurt yourself while you are trying to bring damage to your scary teacher or her house. So it is time for you to make a perfect plan first. And then you can try to hurt the creepy teacher by acting or performing various crazy activities and tricks. You can do a lot of bad stuff. For example, you can try to release PETS on her watch; You can try to add something into her breakfast which might make the food taste bad; You can also try to lock her up in the house when it is time for her to go to work. You can also leave some traps on her doorstep for her to fall off. It is really satisfactory to see your scary teachers suffer. Although it is a little bit brutal to see this, It is the truth that everything will make you feel good. And it is really helpful for you to keep your mental balance by completing all these missions because each of us needs to release our bad emotions and feelings and opinions toward other people from time to time. Otherwise all this bad energy will be in our body forever and in a long time it will damage our health. So try not to show any mercy on this scary teacher and let all of your bad feelings and your bad emotions out. There are 15 different rooms and mysteries available in this game. You can do different stuff in different rooms and complete different missions in different places. And there is no need to worry about the theme of this game because even though this is a horror game, it is also suitable for all ages. And it is very easy for you to control this game. As a clever kid, I believe you have your own strategies and your own plans to defeat this scary teacher and let her suffer and try to give her a lesson and eventually make her realize how terribly wrong she was when you were a child. All of these revengeful things will make you feel really good. You will even feel like sleeping is a much better thing after you doing all these missions. Just enjoy yourself!

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