Save The Girl
Save The Girl
Save The Girl

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System Requirements:
      If you want to be a hero, this game will be your best choice. After entering into this game, the first thing that comes into your eyesight is a girl who is trembling out of fear. You can see that she was abducted and tied up by a very strong rope. And you have a pair of scissors and a lighter to save her. But here you might need the scissors first to cut the rope and release the victim first. And the next thing for you to do is to get this lady out of this room. So you have a stick and an ax available. You can use the ax to strike the door open. But this is not the end because as soon as this lady comes out of the room, she found herself in front of a really huge hole. She is in a real dilemma. And she has no idea what to do. But you have a bucket full of cement and a piece of board to help her. What you need to do is very simple. You just need to pour the cement first into the hole and put the board above. So this lady can walk to the other side. But the whole situation is still dangerous. And before this lady get out of this house, she comes across the person who abducted her. And this villain was watching TV. Under this kind of very dangerous situation, you have two tools available to help this lady. The first is the remote controller. And the second is a box. Do not touch the controller. Otherwise the villain will turn off the TV and he will find out that the hostage is trying to escape. So the right thing for you to do is to use the box and cover the lady to get out of the house.
      It is really wonderful to finally get this girl out of the room. But the situation outside is no better. It is raining. So you must give the lady an umbrella. What's worse, there is a huge chance that she might be stricken by the lightning. So you must also give her a lightning-proof coat. In this way, she will be safe. But everything is not over yet. This villain is not that stupid and he found out that his hostage is gone. So he is chasing behind this scared lady. And you need to stop the villain coming into the house with a big sofa after the lady comes into the house. But it is really dark where this lady hides. So you need to give her a flashlight. The unfortunate thing is that she comes across a really hungry dog. You need to feed the dog with meat. And so the lady can be safe again.
      As you can see, it is not very difficult for players to handle this game. Every situation in this game involves common sense. You just need to solve all the problems by using your common sense and by always choosing the right weapons or proper tools. If the lady is cold, try to give her a warm sweater. If she is in danger, try to help her out of her current danger, which is all you need to do. But it is really sweet to be always around her and save her out of danger timely. And if your performance is good enough, at the end of each level, you will be rewarded abundantly.
      The situations are really creative and out of expectation. So there is no way for you to feel boring by playing this game when you have nothing else to do. It would be a wonderful thing for you to spend time with this great lady and to be her hero!