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Push'em all
Push'em all
Push'em all

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      You may feel this game does not make any sense. But it is really fun to play this game. And players around the world like this game very much. You will find limitless joy and pleasure by playing this game. And it is very easy to play this game. You just need to push all the people of different colors off the edge of the 3D stage in order to be the winner. At the beginning of this game, you might find that everything is so easy. And there is no burden at all to get the full stars. But as you progress through the game, you will be challenged by an increasing number of these enemies of different colors. And the stages will also gradually become more complex. Some of the elements on the stage will help you and make you become bigger and stronger. But some of the obstacles on the stage will just make this game become more challenging. So there is no need for you to think up a perfect strategic plan or to own some invincible super power. You just need to charge forward with the weapon in your hand. Even if this weapon is just a stick, but do not underestimate its power, you will find it become really powerful if your performance is good enough. With this stick in your hand, you can just push everything out of the stage. This stick has the power of the golden stick owned by the Magic Monkey (Qi Tian Da Sheng) in the Journey to The West.
      And this game can really help you release all of your bad emotions and negative energies. For example, if you have a really bad day and you are really pissed off by someone around you. You can just regard all these persons of different colors as that certain person and just push each of them out of the stage. And you will feel so relaxing. And all the bad emotions and negative energies will just flow out of your body all of a sudden. So it is not just about killing your time. It is also about fully relaxing yourself in this wonderful world. And there is no way for you to feel bored, even if this is a repetitive game because the background in each level changes and the layout is also different in different levels.
      Overall, it is really fun to play this game. And you will love it deeply, especially you are such a kind of player who refuses to play some really complicated games and bloody or violent games. It is very easy for you to become addicted to this game. You just want to charge forward and start again and again to get higher score. And you just want to see your bar extends to the extreme. While you are plying other games, you always feel intense and stressful. But you will feel no stress in this game. And if you are a parent, it is pretty fun for you to share this game with your kids. You can try to push all the little figures out of the stage together, which will give a deep sense of fulfillment to your child. So it is time for you to release your power. I believe that you can just push all of the bad things easily out of your life just like you push all the little figures off the edge of the stage. Even if you have no powerful weapons, but you can change the world with this stick. So have confidence in yourself and start a new chapter of your life!