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This is a wonderful game. You can fight in this game alone. Or you can make a team with your friends. There are many maps in this game, including desert, snow land and jungle. At first, you will find yourself landing on an unknown and deserted island. All of you need to pick up as many as weapons as possible. The weapons might be grenades, all kinds of guns and arrows etc. So you must be quick. It will give you supreme advantage if you can grab more powerful weapons at first. But don't worry. You will have other chances for obtaining weapons. During the game, an air plain full of weapons supplies will drop a lot of weapons from the sky, so you cannot miss the second opportunity. And these weapons dropped from the sky will be more powerful. If you play this game just for fun, you can just charge forward and feel the exciting feeling of combating with other players without caring too much about life or death. But if you want to be the final winner, it might not be a good choice to be reckless and charging forward without anyone covering your back. You can choose to hide among the grass or in the corner of the house, which can give you an opportunity to shoot your enemy from a long distance without exposing yourself. There are also a lot of vehicles available. But when the map gets smaller. It is better not to use any vehicle at all since under such circumstances, vehicles will become a liability. Besides, a fast moving vehicle like a big jeep, especially with someone in the passenger seat with a huge gun, can very easily become a target, although it is really exciting to shoot your enemies while driving at a very fast speed. At the beginning of the game, you might find yourself a little bit clumsy, but after you trying for several times, everything will become fluid and under your control. There are more than one control options to make everything more easy and more flexible. And if it is convenient for you to play it on your PC, things will be more tense. Of course, it is also fun for you to play it on your phone, but things will be a little bit mild and the whole texture of the map will be muddier because of the lower-resolution. Anyway, it feels really wonderful to be the only survivor, which will bring you a deep sense of unparalleled fulfillment. You will feel yourself as the most strongest person on this globe and you can conquer anything. You will feel like you are the king of this deserted island. So just be brave and be wise and always prepared to be the only survivor!

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