Online Games -- Up Hill Racing 2

     The best drivers in the world are those who are not afraid of any obstacle in their lives. Be one of them, and face the challenge that the game Up Hill Racing 2 brings. You will get an old car, and your task will be pretty simple - to reach the furthest distance possible. As you collect gold coins along the ride, you may purchase upgrades for your vehicle, buy a new one, or unlock a new map. Jump and flip your car to gain even more money! Reach certain check-points for bonus gold, and hurry up to refill your fuel before it runs out! Have fun.
     Step on the accelerator to climb mountains! Up Hill Racing 2 challenges you to traverse plains, deserts, and Arctic courses. You can cruise in a roaster, wagon, or different types of trucks. Upgrade your fuel, engine, tires, and stability to earn higher scores!