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  • Party.io
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  • Size:72M
  • Date:2019-06-18
  • Version:5.0
  • Developer:Rooster Games
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Editor's Review :

Party. io is a pressure-releasing and funny game. In this game, you will find yourself on a platform. This platform might be on a high roof, in the air, or on a high mountain. Anyway, this platform is located somewhere high. There are many players on this platform. What you need to do is to throw other players out of this platform. At first, you will find that other players are as small as you. So before you can throw them out of the platform, you need to knock them out first. But each time if you are the faster one and knock your opponent first, you will have the advantage. And every time you throw other players out of the platform, you size will become bigger. But it is not just about the size because bigger size means better strength. With a bigger size, you do not need to knock your opponent out of his mind, instead you just need to pick him up and throw away him, which will save you a lot of time. It is really exciting to be the last survivor in this chaotic battle. If you are the last one left, which also means you are the strongest and you are the winner of this battle. So just pluck up your courage and challenge yourself on this cruel platform. Try your best to be the final winner! Features: * Free to play. * Play it anytime anywhere. * Super realistic physics. * Easy controls. * Hanging to the walls to survive added. * Breaking free when grabbed added. * Fast, addictive and fun gameplay.

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