• LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes

  • LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes
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  • Price:$4.99
  • Date:2016-03-01
  • Developer:Warner Bros. International Enterprises
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    Legends Unite!
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Editor's Review :

This is a fun game even if you cannot find anything groundbreaking. If you are a Lego fan who cannot seem to get tired of the Lego series of games, it is worthwhile for you to take some time to uncover its true face. This is a really interesting and engaging game. You can do a lot of wonderful things. You can switch and jump between different characters with button presses. And a friend can join you any minute. It will not interrupt your game process. This game is as simple as other similar Lego games. But it includes some new amazing suits for Robin and Batman. And you will also find that some characters have some new special powers. For example, Black Canary has Sonic Blast. And Wonder Woman can lesso hard to reach handles. As we all know that all the Lego games are all about the collecting and exploring. But you will find more interesting exploring activities in this game. And for the first time in Lego history, you will find funny talks in this game. The traditional Lego games are funny. But humor dialogues in this game move beyond voiceless shrugs and grin. You will find many excellent actors in this game. And if you do not get distracted by some unimportant side missions, you can cover all the chapters of this game within nine hours. And after that, you can purchase some vehicles and try to drive for fun. But if you would like to, you can try to save people in dangerous situations and collect some studs. And it is not easy for you to collect all the 250 bricks hidden around Gotham city since only a limited number of characters can access to them. The truth is that if you like collecting things in your daily life, you should know that this game is the collector's paradise because you have the chance to explore this Lego world to get as many studs as possible to unlock new characters. And you can also get access to different areas to unravel more secrets. And it feels so fun to chase down those cute characters and bricks. At the first sight, you think that it is just a piece of cake. But after you try for several hours, you will find that you are still not done. But this little stumble cannot stop you from enjoying this great game. And this game is also child-friendly. If you are a parent, you can have some really happy time with your child in this new Lego world. Together you can immerse yourself into the classical charm and humor of the Lego world. And you will definitely fall in love with those entertaining costumes. It also feels so good to explore this open world. The character-unlocking and studs-collecting are addictive. It is suitable for you to share this perfect game with your child. And together you will also love a lot the jokes included in this game. And as an adult, you will also love these characters for the nostalgia. And if you would like to, you can try to solve all those puzzles. So it is time for you to focus on making your way through these wonderful levels. It is your responsibility to kick those bomb-throwing enemies into their constituent blocks. You must believe in yourself that you can deal with any problem you might come across during your exploration adventure. There is no time for you to waste. You can just jump into the Lego world and enjoy your own unique Lego adventure!

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