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PlayStation 4
      Jump Force is a classic commotion game. It is very exciting to play this game with your best buddies. In this game, you can find all your favorite characters included in the classic Japanese cartoons. For example, you will meet Manga heroes from the Dragon Ball and many others. As you know, all these characters have their own powerful skills and abilities. So things would become exhilarating to have all these wonderful characters to compete with each other and to find out who might be the strongest one.
      The graphics in this game are of high quality. It applies the 3-D technology, which makes it feel like to have a visual feast to play this game. And all these cartoon characters might revive childhood memory. So this is not some ordinary commotion game. This is a game of both power and warmth at the same time.
      You also do not need to worry about your skills. Both the learning mode and the competition mode are available for you to try. Although there are many characters in this game and all the fighting scenes seem complicated. Actually, it is very easy to play this game even if you are just a newbie, so just relax yourself.
      If you are a staunch fan of Japanese cartoons, you would definitely fall in love with this game and all those vivid characters with distinctive skills, so you will regret if you miss it!