• Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie

  • Ice Scream 6 Friends: Charlie
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  • Date:2021-12-16
  • Developer:Keplerians Horror Games
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    Charlie explores the kitchen to join his friends
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Editor's Review :

Ice Scream 6 Friends Charlie is an amazing first-person horror game. So if you love horror games, you should definitely try this game. While you are playing this game, you will be allowed to get back into the Keplerians' saga. If you already played other Ice Scream games, this game must be very familiar to you. The main character is Charlie who is the young boy. He gets lost in the strange factory. Your main task is to help him escape before the super robot catches him and puts him into the prison. You would love the usual 3D graphics of this game and the typical soundtrack. Thanks to the first-person effect, it is quite easy to sense Charlie's feeling and you will feel so excited when you discover new rooms in this factory. The mini Rods will always be on the watch. So while you are playing this game, you can not get distracted and you can never lower down your guard. Once you are discovered by the mini Rods, you will lose your task and you need to start from the beginning. Occasionally, you can just resort to the ghost mode to avoid being spotted by those mini Rods to move around. You can use the D-Pad on the left side of the screen. Besides, you will also notice a selection of action buttons. By taking advantage of these buttons, you can change Charlie's body position and you can also open doors and rooms. Even if you get stuck, you can always turn to the system to get some hint, especially when you are having trouble with finding the right exit. The whole game atmosphere is quite terrifying. But in this horrifying world, you must keep calm. And you need to be brave and fight against the strange creatures. Your ultimate goal is to help Charlie escape. Of course, it is quite challenging to get out of this sinister place. But the good news is that Charlie and his friends have already found a way out. And your responsibility is to successfully complete all the tasks and find the correct exit. Besides, in this new game, you can also play as Charlie's friends. So your gaming experience will be refreshed while you are playing as different characters. It feels awesome to change the role that you are playing. And it is amazing to explore this factory because you will find new parts to explore. Sometimes, you just have no other choices but to confront the ice cream man. His helpers will also give you no mercy. So you must reunite other friends to complete the adventure. By perfectly cooperating with each other, you will get out of this factory. In the first chapter of this game, you will meet Mike and you will solve different puzzles to meet J. again. The mini games included in the first chapter are quite mysterious and fun. You will also successfully unlock new cut scenes. Eventually, you will have a better understanding of Rod’s past. Once you have a very clear understanding of Rod's background story, you will not fear him any more, which can help you better complete your task. Once you get rid of this deeply-rooted fear toward Rod, you will notice that things can become quiet easy. There are also new enemies and new areas for you to discover for yourself. And in the second chapter of this game, you will have the golden chance to play as Charlie. If you can successfully solve all the new puzzles, you can reunite Charlie and other friends. You will also come across new mini games inside the kitchen. So the content in second chapter is quite rich. And while you are trying to complete your task, you should always keep yourself away from Rod because he is the main antagonist of this new world. And his ultimate goal is to catch you and his friends. It would be quite easy for you to recognize Rod who always wears a mask which belonged to his father and a hat which was attached to the mask. The most obvious mark is the red bow tie and the white button shirt. You can see that Rod is always dirty and stained. And he always wears the white gloves. It would be very easy for you to notice Rod once he comes near to you. As soon as you see those black shoes, you should just run away immediately. And you should always remember that Rod is an evil person who has the unquenchable thirst for revenge. And he will show no mercy towards you in this horrible world. He is a monster. But there is a plausible reason behind all this. Maybe if you can have a complete and deep understanding of his life story, you may feel that he is just a pitiful person instead of a horrible person. When he was a child, he was just an ordinary and an innocent little boy who just wanted to know more things about nature and who had a very curious personality. Like other normal kids, he had many dreams. He used to want to find a good job and have many friends. He also wanted to become a genius. But in the meantime, he was quite vulnerable because he was constantly bullied by his classmates because he was kind of obese which was caused by the special ice cream which he loved to eat. So he cried a lot in his childhood. His foster father cannot help him either, because he needed to work a lot and wasn't able to spend too much time with him. So when Charlie grew up, he just became a bad man. He lures kids by acting friendly and pretends that he is selling delicious ice cream. But any unsuspecting child who goes near him will be captured by him. And he kidnapped many children without anyone knowing, which means your enemy is also very cunning. So you should not underestimate the difficulty of the game. As soon as you see Rod, you should think of his past mysteries. In this way, you can handle him better. At least, your hands will not be trembling while you are trying to find a certain item. So what are you still waiting for? If you are one of the fans of Ice Scream games, you deserve a chance to try this new game. You will definitely fall in love with it at the first sight because of those new features. And it is the perfect time for it to have this exciting adventure!

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