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Ice Scream 3: Horror Neighborhood
Ice Scream 3: Horror Neighborhood
Ice Scream 3: Horror Neighborhood

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      Usually, it is really wonderful to have a neighbor. But in this game, you will meet a very vicious neighbor who has kidnapped your friend whose name is Mike. You are the only person who has witnessed the whole process of this tragedy. Everything is so horrible that you feel scared to tell anyone about this thing. But it also came to your mind that there might be some other kids who were also kidnapped by this bad neighbor who is really mysterious and who can use some super power to do bad things. Although at the first sight he seems to be very friendly, especially towards kids, however, you cannot ignore his evil plan and you can not regard this terrifying ice cream seller as your normal neighbor with whom you can have a walk together after supper or with whom you can talk with each other about all the daily trivial things.
      So after you know the truth about this bad man, next you need to find out his whereabouts. Of course, as a kid, you cannot confront him face to face by using violence, which may bring yourself into a dangerous situation. The only thing you can do is to follow him to find out his hiding place. In order to finish this task, you will travel through different scenarios and solve all of the necessary puzzles to save your poor friend frozen by this villain. But you must be careful and you cannot make any noise, or he will hear you, which will put you into trouble.
      The good news is that you can hide yourself and try to deceive him so he can not see you. And of course, it is not very easy for you to discover all his secrets and to solve all the puzzles successfully in order to rescue your neighbor from this suffering. So you must be careful and be clever. There are three modes available for you: ghost, normal and hard. If you have no experience in horror games, it might be proper for you to start from the ghost mode. But there is no need for you to worry that you might have a heart attack because of the violent and bloody tasks. Actually, even if this is a horrible game, there are no bloody scenes, no violent fighting or corpses. It is just a golden chance for you to have an experience of fantasy, fun and horror, but there is no doubt that you will shout a lot. Imagination plays a very important role when you're playing this game. And everything that makes you feel horrible is because your mind tells you that this thing is bad and this person is really terrifying. But if you turn off the music and if you just think this person as a very vulnerable person who suffers a lot when he was a child. You will not have a tinge of scary feeling anymore. But it is better for you to play this game with your headphones for a better gaming experience. And if your performance is good enough, you can try to update, which will bring new improvements, new contents and fixes based on your personal comments.
      Overall, it is a really wonderful game for you to try if you want to experience something exciting without too much violence and haunting ghosts who might make you have a nightmare. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to put everything aside and try your best to rescue your friend before he is frozen to death!