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Hello Kitty Picnic
Hello Kitty Picnic

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Supported Platform:

  • Nintendo 3DS

      This game is designed for kid. I think that most of the kids are familiar with the Kitty series games. The number and the variety of this game are abundant. The characters are cute. The relative cooking tools are really delicate and beautiful. You can design at your own wish. Besides, the background music is really sweet too. It will be a wonderful thing to design your own picnic plate and select reative decorattion material and listen to this music. What is the most iportant thing is that, unlike other action games, this game can help your kid keep in a good mood. The reason is that this game itself does not require too much concentration, which gives your child full freedom of selection. The graphics are very positive too. There are no violence here. There is only happiness here. Your child will also learn to share happiness with his or her friends. They will learn to cooperate and do whatever they can by themselves instead of depending on other people. You might think this game is not exciting enough, but it is definitly cute enough. So what are you waiting for? Join this game with your child and have a nice weekend picnic experience!