• Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
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  • Size:7.3M
  • Date:2012-12-06
  • Version:7.0
  • Developer:Rockstar Games
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Editor's Review :

This is an action game. It is really interesting to play this game. This is truth and it is not groundless. I recommend this game for you on account of three reasons. The first reason is that the style of t his game is very bold compared with other series of similar games. For example, in this game players can do a lot of bad things. Some of these things might not appropriate for children to perform. At the same time, players can commit a lot of crimes. Of course, these crimes are intolerable in reality. The second reason is that the pictures of this game are with high quality. It is enjoyable for players to live even for a moment in such a twisted world. The reason is that it is a vile city not a liberty city, but it will and it does give players a sense of unspeakable excitement. The third reason is that it is easy for players to control this game. Compared with similar action games, the most obvious advantage of this game in this respect is that it is much easier for players to control those characters to move. Generally speaking, it is worthwhile for players to try this game.

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