• Girls Craft Story

  • Girls Craft Story
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  • Date:2016-12-09
  • Developer:Crafting And Building Games For Girls Adventure
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    Fashion story in girls craft. Create & dress up game for teenage girls!
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Editor's Review :

It is time for you to be a fashion designer! You will have full space and time to do your magic. And there is no time limit for you. There is no restrictions of any kind. You can just let your imagination and your inspiration flow freely and naturally. You will feel a totally different side of you when you can use your imagination to design and create all kinds of fabulous things. Maybe in real life it needs a lot of resources for you to realize your dream of being a creative designer. But in this game, you can build your own fashion empire. Nothing can be better than this. It is not just about designing a thing. It is also about showing your talents and displaying the deepest emotions and feelings you harbor in the bottom of your heart about this world. It is time for you to show all of this to the world and to let people know the best part in you, the bright part in you and the painful part inside you. Everything in this kingdom is of your own style. It is time for you to strip off those odd and ugly clothes that you have no choice but to wear every day. It is time for you to try your own style and make yourself stunning and shinning. Of course, if you think your house is not fashionable enough, you can also build a house of your own taste and buy furniture that you think wonderful to decorate your house. Believe me, you will have an unprecedented sense of happiness by living in such a kind of unique house. Everything in this house pleases your five senses at the same time. Nothing can be more wonderful and more thrilling. And that kind of feeling is also unparalleled by choosing your own favorite colors, your favourite shapes and proper sizes to combine them together perfectly. Remember to click the package to collect all the gold coins. Because with these gold coins, you can buy more raw materials to decorate your house or your favorite figure. Anyway, it is up to you to lead the fashion trend in this kingdom. You are the original source of insight. It is very important for you to boldly use your imagination and do not try to hold yourself back. Skillfully speaking, it is not difficult for you to control. It is enough for you to control the figure move by tapping on the corresponding direction buttons. So just calm down and listen to your breath and let you inspiration do its job, you will see miracles. And it is also a wonderful thing to share this fashionable miracle with the rest of the world. People will be amazed by your creative work. And you will be the only king of the fashion kingdom!

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