• FNF Music Battle Full Mod

  • FNF Music Battle Full Mod
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  • Size:159M
  • Date:2021-10-20
  • Version:5.0
  • Developer:Rocket Game Studio
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Editor's Review :

If you have already played other similar FNF music games, I bet you already know the love story between Girlfriend and Boyfriend. In this game, Boyfriend is trying to kiss his Girlfriend because that is what he wants most in the world. But Girlfriend's evil father will not let him get close to her until Boyfriend proves his music talents. So you must help Boyfriend. The good news is that Girlfriend's father is a very famous former rock star. So the only way you can get the permission to kiss Girlfriend is to win the music battles by using the power of music. You will impress Girlfriend's father. So you need to play all the music notes at the right time to earn enough points. And you must try your best to win all the music battles. You have a really great responsibility. Even if there is just a small chance, you can not give up winning the final victory, which means a lot to Boyfriend. So you must make every means to help Boyfriend get his girl. If you are a music lover, you will definitely enjoy this process a lot. This will be the perfect game that you want to play. But sometimes things can become quite embarrassing. The reason lies in that you cannot tap all those music notes in a timely way. At the beginning, things are quite simple. But as the game progresses, you will be forced to deal with more arrows in a very short period of time. So while you are playing this game, you must get really serious. And it is better for you to keep concentrating on your music work while you are playing this game. Once you break the rhythm, it is really hard for you to cover all the notes. The most important thing is to follow your own music instinct, instead of mechanically tapping on those tiles. So if you are undergoing a time of depression or if you have really rough times recently, you should definitely try this game. You will find that Boyfriend is a really good company. Even though things may become frustrating from time to time, you just do not want to give up hope. On the contrary, you want to try your best to help Boyfriend. Actually, if you already have the experience of playing other FNF music games, it will be of no difficulty for you to play this game. You just need to show your music talents and enjoy yourself in this music world. There is no need for you to hold back your passion for music. And you can just make each cell in your body feel the power of music. Besides, this world gives you the perfect chance to show your true self. In this music world, there is no need for you to hide your true nature. And there is no need for you to follow any restrictions. You can just feel free to enjoy the music notes and to win all the music battles for Boyfriend and for yourself. While you are playing this game, if you can merge into one with the music notes, you will find a wholly new world. Suddenly, you will realize that tapping all those colorful arrows can be so easy. At first, it seems that it is impossible for you to handle so many music notes, but you must believe in yourself. At the beginning, things may be tough. But as long as you keep trying, you will definitely have a really happy time. This game can certainly ignite your enthusiasm for music. And if you can successfully complete all the challenging levels, you will feel so proud of yourself. If your performance is good enough, you can also manage to unlock all the wonderful songs. So it is impossible for you to become bored with this game within a very short period of time. Each song will give you a totally different music experience. It seems that this game does not involve any complicated skills. But you just want to complete one level after another without stopping. And Boyfriend and Girlfriend will make many body movements and gestures while they are singing. So you will also notice that your feet will also tap on the ground with the movement of the music rhythm. So you will have a really great time while you are playing this game. The numerous catchy songs will bring you into totally different worlds. Moreover, there are various interesting stories for you to appreciate. If you can win all the music battles, you will get the permission of Girlfriend's father to have a date with your dream girl. As for the skill, it is quite simple for you to play this game. You just need to tap the music arrows to the beat. So it is not that kind of difficult for you to play this game. But you need to tap those arrows in a precise way. Otherwise, you will miss the arrows. Once you miss the arrows, you will lose gold coins. Without gold coins, there is no way for you to unlock new songs. So it is very important for you to keep in mind to tap the music arrows by following the beat. In order to successfully and precisely tap all the music arrows, you must always focus on the movement of those arrows. And you must always be ready to fight for the beat and burn the stage. At the same time, you must try your best to win this chance for Boyfriend. If you are a person who have music talents, you will love this game a lot. It seems that you cannot stop playing this game. While you are playing this game, you can just automatically forget about everything else. It feels so good to immerse yourself into this music world. Nothing else matters at such moment. You just want to keep creating your own music legends with your fingers. If you want to have a better performance, it would be the best for you to put your phone on the desk and tap those notes with both hands. Things will become easier if you use all of your fingers. If you want to have a better game experience, it is advised to put on your headphone. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to start your music adventure with Boyfriend and Girlfriend. With your wonderful music talents, you will eventually make this cute couple get together and have a beautiful date!

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