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  • Fidget Toys 3D
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  • Date:2022-06-26
  • Version:4.4
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Editor's Review :

If you love playing fidget toys, you should definitely play this game because the fidget toys contained in this game are rather real. It makes you feel that you are playing the real toys. You will have the golden chance to play the slime. Every time when you touch the slime with your finger, you will hear very vivid sound. And the slime will move towards different directions like real slime. So while you are playing this game, you will have a rather real gaming experience. If you always want to play fidget toys, but it is really hard for you to carry the toys around in your life, you can just play these virtual toys. And these virtual fidget toys will be the perfect replacement of the traditional toys. There are different fidget toys for you to try. After you become bored with the slime, you can cut things with a knife. It is not that kind of tiring because you will not be forced to cut or chop things with the real knife. Actually, you only need to tap on the screen. And it is really fun to cut watermelon, sushi and other things into small pieces. It is a quite addictive process. You just want to cut all the things into pieces without stopping. This is also a great process for you to relieve your pressure. In our real life, if we get angry or if we are irritated by other unhappy things, we always have this tendency to throw ourselves into a temper and break things into pieces, but which is inappropriate. And we are usually forbidden to do such bad things to release our negative emotions and feelings. While in this game, you can just freely break all the expensive porcelain and china into pieces without worrying about the following consequences. It is a really satisfying process. You will hear the crisp sound when the expensive porcelain and the exquisite china break into small pieces. But if you are a person who always tends to hold back your negative feelings and energy, instead of releasing all the negative things out, you should try and play these toys. For instance, you can just try and combine different sounds together to calm your mind. You will have the sound of fire, wind, water and so on. By combining different sounds together, you will have a very harmonious soundtrack that can help calm your mind. You can just let your imagination fly and create the wonderful piece of soundtrack that can help you have a very stable mind. If you are in a dilemma, or if you are trapped by some complex troubles, you can make full use of the beautiful sunflower with many petals to cast a spell. You can just pick out the petals one by one. It is a really satisfying thing to pick out all the yellow petals one by one. You can also tell your fortune by using this process. This means you can just imagine that the first petal represents good luck. And the next is bad luck. And the third is good luck. And the fourth is bad luck. As soon as you reach to the last petal, you will know the consequence of your choice. And you will know the final decision that you should make. So this is a really interesting process. And you can play these toys in totally different ways. If you are a girl, and if you love doing fingernails for yourself in your real life, you can also do the virtual finger nails in this game. There are different colors available. So you can be creative and do your finger nails by following your own taste. If you are a person who loves mathematics and who have passion for numbers, you can also play with those wooden blocks printed with different numbers. You can put these blocks printed with different numbers in an orderly way. If you can successfully figure out the number puzzle, you will feel so proud of yourself and you will feel so happy. If you get bored with the mental things, you can also try some physical exercises, including bowling. It is not that kind of challenging. So if you have some problem with playing bowling in your real life, you can just use this virtual game as a great opportunity to train and improve your bowling skills. After you get tired of playing bowling, you can relax yourself by playing the piano. It is really fun to play the piano by following your own way. Maybe you think that you have no idea about playing piano. There is no need for you to worry. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself. So you can just follow your own instinct and tap different keys to create your own instantaneous music. Besides, there are also amazing match-three puzzles available. But the match-three puzzle is more difficult and challenging, because you cannot see the front sides of the tiles. Actually, you can only see the back sides. As we all know, the back sides of the tiles are the same. But you can tap and flip these tiles to see what is printed on the front sides. So this process will be a great challenge of your short-time memory. If you can remember all the things printed on different tiles, you can successfully find the three same tiles and clear them. But if you cannot remember the exact item printed on each tile, you you need to flip several times before you can successfully find the three same tiles, but there is no need for you to be too harsh on yourself. Eventually, you will successfully figure out the puzzle. Anyway, this game includes many fun toys. If you have this deep love for different fidget toys, this game can definitely satisfy your appetite. You just want to try one toy after another without stopping. And different toys will give you a totally different game experience. It is so fun to have one toy game which includes so many fidget toys. These toys are so close to our real life that you just want to play these toys everyday. And the most important thing is that these fidget toys can help you relieve your pressure and are beneficial for you to maintain your mental health! It is also very convenient for you to play these fidget toys. You can play them anytime and anywhere!

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