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Draw Something Free
Draw Something Free

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Supported Platform:

  • iPhone
  • iPad

      Draw Something is a very popular game since its release. This game has been widely accepted by both children and adults. Even among college students, this game is also very attractive because this game is perfectly fit for all roommates to play together. This game has brought many happiness to these college students. Maybe it will be part of their good memories in the future. Generally speaking, this game has earned its name for its three distinctive features. The first feature is that players can draw a lot of things in this game. Some of them are concrete, such as apple, banana, and bike, etc. But some of them are abstract things, including Dreams of Red Mansion, Jipin, and Plato Spirit, etc. So it is very funny to draw such things and let others to guess. The answer is much funnier. The second feature is that players do not need to download this game. They can just log in relative website and start to play. This will save them many troubles. The last feature is that there is not too much restriction in this game. Players do not need to worry about that they are a bad drawer. What they need to do is to enjoy themselves by playing this game. Anyway, you should try this game for yourself. It can bring you totally different game experience.