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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2

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Supported Platform:

  • XBox 360
  • PlayStation 3

      This game is an upgraded version based on Dragon Ball Raging Blast. Compared with the last version, the operation method of this game is different. Besides, the characters, weapons and skills involved in this game are enhanced. There are ordinary skill, excellent skill, special skill, unique skill and ultimate skill in this game. So players can show off their powers completely in this game once they can apply these skills properly. Besides, players will be rewarded with trophies for their excellent performance. This will give players sense of fulfillment to continue this game. Moreover, the graphics of this game are with high quality. The background music of this game is also of high standard. So it is really enjoyable for players to try this game. Compared with other FTG, this game always gives players hope. In the traditional game, it will no meaning for players to continue the game once they have little physical strength left. But in this game, players can reverse the bad situation by changing character or apply special and unique power. So players will not fail frequently. That is to say, they do not need to start all over again. Generally speaking, this game is a classic FTG whose popularity has never diminished since its release. Wo why not appreciate for yourself since you are the one who treasures childhood memory.