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Dots: A Game About Connecting
Dots: A Game About Connecting

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Supported Platform:

  • iPhone
  • iPad

      Dots: A Game About Connecting is more interesting to play compared with other similar games. The dots in this game are of a great variety. Besides ordinary dots with different colors, there are miss dots, hamburger dots, nerd dots, business mom dots and cute god dots and so on. So it is more interesting for players to enjoy this game. Another point is that this game is an upgraded version. So the dots in this game are cleaner and bigger, which is good to players eyesight. At last, the entire game is very easy for players to enjoy. They just need to connect two or more dots of same-color together in order to score. And if players successfully make a perfect four-dot square, all dots of that color are collected from the screen. You get 60 seconds per round. So apparently it is very convenient for players to control this game. They can remove these dots by connecting them with one of their fingers, which is just like playing magic according to some players. Anyway, this game is the best one for now among the dots connecting game. So you should not miss it if you are a dots lover. Come and bury yourself in these beautiful dots.