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Cut the Rope
Cut the Rope

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Supported Platform:

  • iPhone
  • iPad

      This is a PUZ game. It fits for both adults and children to play. The 2D graphics of this game are attractive. But you need to know that this game involves some knowledge about force. Thus you have to carefully think about it when you play this game. Besides, this game will help you think in a quiet way. You can fully immerse yourself into this game when you play it and forget all of other troubles in your life. It brings you with calm and peace. Coupled with the background music, this game will provide you with a perfect environment and platform t challenge yourself, which will give you a sense of fulfillment. In the meantime, you can collect yellow stars by cutting the rope. You will be rewarded with higher and more score if you get more stars. What needs to be pointed out is that this game is easy to lay at first. But during the later stage, it will be not as easy as the first pass for you to break through. Thus don't underestimate the both the charming and the difficulty of this game. This game be rewarding for you to play.