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    Crash Time III Game Review:

        Crash Time III can compete with any other similar speed racing games because of its fantastic graphics and special realistic features. Maybe the most obvious advantage of this game is that players can drive freely in this game. Unlike other games, players can switch between different modes without worrying about the problem of saving.
        There are more than one mode available in this game. There are free speed racing mode, performing mode and chasing mode. Of course, this game also has episodes with different stories. Besides, players can compete with each other by splitting screens.
        In this game, players will see special car racing skills, fantastic collision scenes and thrilling crimes. Car racing fans will fall in love with this game. There are different kinds of competitions waiting for players to enjoy. Besides, other tasks are also available in this game, including helicopter chasing, jumping through the running train and tank inspection......
        This game also includes all kinds of crimes. Players will feel exciting by committing crimes that are not allowed in reality. At the same time, there are a lot of tasks available for players to finish. But to finish these tasks, players need to arm themselves with relative driving skills.
        The most exciting thing is that this game supports multiplayer mode. Players can compete with each other by splitting screens. Besides, they can also apply special skills like flying over the slope when they are competing with their opponents. In the meantime, players can replay and enjoy their coll performance in this competition.

        1. Use the four direction arrows to control the car and the Space bar to jump into the air. So it is very simple for players to control this game.
        2. There are a lot of policemen patrolling on the road. The oil buckets will explode once you knock down them. At the moment, the policemen will chase you. But do not try to run unless you are very confident with your driving skill. Otherwise you will be fined heavily once get caught.
        3. In the online competition mode, which only supports eight players, you can play some tricks and push your opponents into an awkward situation. Once derailed, it will be hard for them to keep pace with you again. For example, you can attack their car tail or knock them to the roadside. Or you can knock them high into the sky when they are waiting for the train. But only players with excellent driving skills can perform all of these actions. Otherwise, they will hurt themselves instead of others. They need to balance their car, control the right direction and attack their opponents at a very fast speed at the same time. The key is to leave no time for your opponent to make a counterattack.
        4. If you choose to be a policeman, it will be hard for you to chase and capture some criminals because they are always faster than you. So the most simplist way is to wait for them at the original place where they start to run away. The reason is that usually these criminals try to run by following the fixed route. In a word, it is not an easy task to chase your criminals. But try to find your own specific method to deal with them because my way is not omnipotent in front of these criminals.

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