Color Hop 3D
Color Hop 3D
Color Hop 3D

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System Requirements:
      This is a very simple music game. But do not underestimate its difficulty. Actually, no one can easily complete a whole song without stopping or without any flaw. In terms of skill, it is, of course, very easy to control the ball. But it is very, very hard to complete a whole song without making any mistake. Try it for yourself and you will know. The reason lies in that you need to let them touch the right tile, which has the same color with the ball, which means when the color of the ball changes, you also need to change the direction of the ball so that it can successfully touch the right tile with the same color. This will be a great test for your reaction speed. But the ball is very flexible. So you do not need to worry about that the ball will be out of your control because of the game system problem.
      Even if you are new to such kind of music game, do not give up so quickly. After you try for some time, you will find the right feeling. No matter how hard it is for you at the beginning, just give yourself a little time and you will find the most amazing experience in this world. There are a lot of wonderful songs. You need to pay for some of them on popular music apps. But here everything is Free. And if you want to the best gaming experience, it is better for you to wear your headphone and to play this game somewhere quiet.
      Concentration is the key. You cannot do other things while playing this game. Unlike other similar games, you just need to get the ball fall on to any tile you can get. Thatís comparatively easy. But in this game, the thing is totally different. The color of the ball and the colour of the tiles must be matched. So everything will become a little bit challenging. And it is wise for you to try your best and win all the three stars. If you perform well enough, you will be rewarded abundantly at the end of each other. And if you would like to, you can also invite your best friend to compete with you and see who can go farther and cover more tiles. It is really fun. And it will be a good memory for you. Believe me, you will enjoy yourself a lot by controlling the ball flying over those colorful tiles while listening to your favorite beats and sweet melody.
      Overall, this game will be a great challenge for your reaction speed and your ball-controlling skills. Just keep concentrating on the movement of the ball and run forward. Never look back and never hesitate, or you will miss your target. But it is also a good thing, because when your whole attention is focused on the flying ball, you will forget all your troubles and all the things that make you unhappy. Even if youíre alone in this world, but eventually you will have a great time with this cute ball and the colorful tiles.
      So try not to be distracted by anything around you while you are enjoying yourself in this game and enjoy the deep sense of satisfaction by reaching to the end of the colorful road. If youíre a fan of ball game, this game will bring to you a wholly new experience.
      So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to immerse yourself into the music world and forget everything else. You will find a different kind of beauty and the ultimate excitement here!