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Coin Dozer
Coin Dozer

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Supported Platform:

  • iPhone
  • iPad

      Coin Dozer is a very popular game in iPhone market. This game has won over 12,000,000 downloads and counting. Now, it is even available to play on the iPad. As we all know, this is a gambling game. Players will feel like they were playing with the slot machine in the gambling house when they are trying this game. Actually, it is healthy to play this game because anyway you will not lose money by playing this game. On the contrary, happiness and surprises will be brought to you by playing this game. Generally speaking, this game has been tempting to players for its three distinctive advantages. The first advantage is that the graphics of this game are of 3-D. Different types of coins appeared in this game are very vivid. The second advantage is that there are a lot of prizes for players to collect. Besides, these prizes can help them break through the level in a quicker way or win more coins. The last advantage is that this game is regularly upgraded. In this way, there will be more new types of coins and special effects available to players. In this way, they will not be bored to play this game. Anyway, this amazing game is designed for amazing you. So have a try for yourself!