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Club Penguin: Game Day!
Club Penguin: Game Day!

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Supported Platform:

  • Nintendo Wii

      Club Penguin Game Day is really fascinating! If you like the cold and think a waddling penguin is cute, and if you favor for the snow balls, and then you will definitely love Club Penguin Game Day for Wii. First of all, you can choose a cute penguin for yourself. You can choose the color and give her a name. Next you can start to take part in a series of activities with it. It is suggested to start with the Story Mode because it is easier to play, which can also help you get familiar with this game. Besides, in Story Mode, four different color teams available to players, including red, blue, green or yellow and are presented with a task, that is to conquer the island, ensuring the team color controls all areas. In order to control an area, the player must place third or higher in a collection of mini games. As the penguin completes mini games and earns coins new games and areas on the island will be unlocked. Players can also use their coins to purchase items for their penguin. Once you get through this, you can try the quick mode. At last, the tournament will be waiting for you. The good news is that the Quick Mode and the Tournament include a series of mini-games. Thus it is really interesting to play with other players in these mini-games. The player can play snowballs and slide on the sled with their penguin. So as you can see, this is an interesting game to have a try!