• Clash Royale

  • Clash Royale
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  • Size:107M
  • Date:2016-03-01
  • Version:4.1
  • Developer:Supercell
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Editor's Review :

This game is the best choice for you to play with your friends. You will experience all kinds of exciting things together. All the fighting will make you feel like you are real buddies at this moment. In this game, you need to unlock those boxes to obtain different types of cards to make yourself become more powerful. It is very important for you to try everything to become the stronger one, which can help you win when you are competing with other online players. There are altogether 74 types of cards in this game. In terms of quality, these cards can be classified into four categories: normal, rare, epic and legendary. And the types of the cards include military cards, architecture cards and the magic cards. Different cards have different functions. For example, you can use military cards to recall your army to attack your enemies or their buildings. The architecture cards can be used to defend your enemies' attack. And if there is any emergency which is impossible to deal with, you can use the magic card which can release all kinds of magic powers. If you collect a certain card to a certain number, this card will be upgraded automatically and will be more powerful. And if you want to get more cards, you need to unlock as many as boxes in this game. If you do not have too much time, you can use the gem to unlock the box immediately. Although it is not very hard for you to play this game, there is a time limit for you to combine your cards in each round of combat, so you must use your time wisely and strategically. If you see a wooden box, you can unlock it immediately because it is for free. Sometimes, you can find wonderful cards in it although this box is just for free, so you must bother to open it. Generally speaking, it is more exciting to play this game with your friends because there are a lot of competitions in each season. And it needs teamwork to win such competitions and become the champion. And it will also be good memories for you to treasure. In a word, this game can not only bring you fun but also can be helpful in terms of cementing the friendship between you and your best friends. Unlike other games, this game can provide you with long-term excitement and enjoyment. All those tasks included in this game cannot be finished in one day. So it can give you a deep sense of fulfillment to tackle all those tricky tasks with your best friends day after day. Life will be colorful with this game by your side!

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