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Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga

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Supported Platform:

  • iPhone
  • iPad

      Candy Crush Saga is a very interesting match game. In this game, players can match three similar candies to win scores. But it is not always candy. Sometimes, there is jeely under the candy. So players need to remove the candy above the jelly. In this way, the jelly will disappear automatically. There are also some circumstances that the jelly is very thick and frozen. So players need to remove the candy above it more than once by matching it with other similar candies to remove this jelly. The whole game board is really sweet, which is filled with by different types of candies. So this game is really perfect for children to play. This game can help to train your child's reaction ability and logic thinking ability. Besides, there are different modes available to players in this game; including time trial, limited credits, fruit transportation and so on. Our little player needs to apply different game methods to conquer all of these innovative levels. In a word, this game is full of fun. And you should try it during your spare time. You will find out that this is the most amazing match game you ever tried.