• Block Craft 3D: Building Simulator

  • Block Craft 3D: Building Simulator
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  • Size:59M
  • Date:2016-08-24
  • Version:4.0.3
  • Developer:Fun Games For Free
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Editor's Review :

Maybe you are tired of living in a city made up of cement and lifeless glasses and stones. Now this wonderful game will provide you with a great opportunity to craft your own village. You might say that it is impossible for you to craft a village for yourself since you don't have any knowledge about architecture. But don't worry. It is actually very easy for you to finish the job since you just need to put all those blocks of different colors and shapes together in the way that you want. There is no restriction for you. You can freely design this village as you imagined. And this village will be an unlimited open world. Everything here is so natural and so beautiful. Of course there will be villagers living in your village. So it is also very important for you to keep them happy all the time. Sometimes your village may be attacked by monsters or by some intruders. This is why it is very important for you to have weapons or guns beside you all the time to protect your village. And you can also go for a hunting if you would like to. At last, the graphics in this game are also awesome. You can fully relax yourself when you're building your own world and totally forget everything else and just enjoy the beautiful environment. Generally speaking, this is a wonderful game, as many players think about it. It is easy to play and there are not too much skill requirements for you to play this game. You can just regard it as a tool to kill some time between appointments or when you're waiting for somebody. But it is also very easy for players to get addicted to this game. Usually, many players plan to play this game just for a few minutes, but actually once they start, they find out that before they know it, they already spent hours playing this game. So it might seem a very simple game at the fist sight and not very challenging, but it is also very addicting. The best choice for you is to finish all your job or your homework before you start playing this game and totally immerse yourself into this ideal world and into the job of building your own perfect village. But believe me all your effort will be appreciated by the villagers and you will have a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in this world. You will not have that kind of pressure as you always have in real life. And you will shake off that kind of insatiable drive to earn something or to obtain or win something as you endured in real life. In this ideal world, you can just enjoy yourself and forget everything else because you will have an opportunity to live in a way as you originally should be. So just slow down and take your time!

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