Beat 'em : EDM Gang Clash
Beat 'em : EDM Gang Clash
Beat 'em : EDM Gang Clash

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System Requirements:
      This is a wonderful music game. If you want to have the best gaming experience, it is better for you to wear your headphone. Unlike other similar games, there are a lot of interesting activities available for you in this game. For example, you can move to fight the enemies. And all these enemies are also interesting figures. For example, you might come across a BOSS, the flying soldiers or several total strangers. And you can also use different types of weapons to break all the obstacles. So you will not feel boring anymore even if you played for a long time. And it is very easy for you to control this game. You can just hold or drag the character with one of your fingers.
      And if you’re a fan of this game and you want to play this game everyday, it is a really wonderful idea for you to come back daily to get your reward. With the daily bonus, you can buy different soundtracks and weapons for you in the store. But there is another great way for you to get money, which is to collect all the money on your way forward. It is not easy to do this, of course because you need to do a lot of things at the same time. You might feel it is really hard to collect the money while you are busy running forward and in the meanwhile fighting against the enemies. But just try to Challenge yourself. You will find it is really fun. And if you can successfully do all of these things at the same time, which will bring you a deep sense of satisfaction. You will feel so good!
      The most important thing is that always remember to keep concentrating on your job. Always look forward and never look back. You see the obstacles in other music apps are still and they will not move. But the obstacles in this game might appear out of your expectation and they might keep moving to and fro. And some enemies will also strike you out of your expectation. Of course, there are some inserted ads, but you can just ignore them. The most amazing thing is that you can upload your own songs. You can just click “play my song” button and choose one of your favorite songs.
      The thing needs to be noticed is that never try to avoid your enemies. Sometimes you might feel freaked because you see there are so many enemies who are running toward you. Of course, fighting is a real hard thing. But if you try to avoid them or ignore them, they will defeat you first. So never show any fear no matter how strong the enemies might be. Just have confidence in yourself and face everything- every obstacle, every danger, every enemy bravely. And then you will find out there is a huge potential inside you. And everything is so amazing!
      So it is time for you to forget everything else and fully enjoy yourself in this wonderful music world. You will be highly concentrated on your job and you will feel so relaxed and so tense at the same time. You will feel relaxed is because the music will just make you feel Free. But you will also feel tense at the same time, which is because you need to fight against the enemies and you need to avoid all the obstacles timely and properly. Otherwise, it will be the end of the game. And you need to start over again. But just have confidence in yourself and be brave. Try to win all the three stars at the end of each song. And never say die! You will be the next music star!