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This is a really exciting game. It is your time to act as an detective. You will enter into a totally different world. At the beginning of this game, you will find you and other players are trapped in a flying ship. No one knows where you are, and no one knows how to get out of here, so you try to find the way out and do some exploration. Everything is not that easy. You must be very careful and do not lose each detail. Maybe a certain detail is the key for you to solve all the problems. And then a terrible thing happened, you find that one of your teammates is dead, but the total number of your team is still the same, which make you feel at lost and all your hairs on end. Your instinct tells you that there is something wrong about the whole situation. So you try to figure out the problem, and the answer is that there is a murderer hidden in this flying ship. Of course, nothing in the world can stop you from finding out this murderer, but can you do it successfully? The impostor is not stupid, he will try to create all kinds of chaos, which will be a huge obstacle for you to find out the truth. But you must believe that you are ten thousand times clever than this impostor, and you will be the final winner. The thing is that there is no way for you to play this game alone. You need to ask other four players to make a team with you. And whether or not you can find the real impostor also depends on your cooperation together as a team. Anyway, this is not a game that you can find the answer in a blink of the eye. You must be always on the alert and do not let one detail slip out of your sight. So be patient and open your eyes. Your friends' lives depend on your job, so you cannot fail. There is no other choice for you. It is also your job to revenge for your teammate. Of course, there are more than one challenges here, but as long as you are careful and brave enough, everything will be clear in the end. The truth will not be buried. And the impostor can never replace your true friend. So come on, you will be the best and no truth will leave unturned under your nose!

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