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Airborne Troops Game Description :

Airborne Troops
Airborne Troops

System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Me/2000/98
  • Processor: Pentium 3 650 MHz
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Free hard drive space: 630 MB
  • DirectX 9.0
  • Video Card: AGP 64MB Directx 9.0
  • Sound Card

      On a mission to drop two secret agents into occupied territory the American Paratrooper Sergeant's aircraft is shot down leaving one of his agents is seriously wounded. It is now the Sergeant's duty to replace the ailing agent and complete the stealth missions himself. Airborne Troops is an infiltration action-adventure based on authentic events of WWII. Through extensive studies of archives and historical documents all weapons, uniforms, locations, and situations have been recreated as they were at the time. Filled with awesome gunfights and challenging strategic dilemmas, Airborne Troops will keep you enthralled until completion. So strap on your parachute Sergeant, it's time to earn those stripes. Airborne Troops personifies life on the knife's edge. The game's exceptionally precise lighting system and sound environment leaves little room for error. As soon as the enemy detects the slightest sight or sound from you your life is in danger.