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Adorable Home
Adorable Home
Adorable Home

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      If you want to experience that kind of perfect life with your ideal partner, this game might be the best choice for you. At the beginning, you can tap to choose your own character and your partner. There are four girls and four boys available for you to pick one. And you can also give yourself and your partner special names. Next, you will be in your new home. And the wonderful new life starts just from here. At first, everything is a little bit messy. So you need to clean up the place to create a comfortable home for you and your partner to live in and start your new life. The most wonderful thing is that you have a cat whose name is Snow. You can take a picture of this cat and save it in the moments. So every time you open the game, there is a chance that you will have a wonderful moment. This can bring a lot of fun to your life. But it is not just for fun to have this cat. Actually, by raising this cat, you can get hearts. It is very important for you to win as many hearts as you can because it is impossible for you to buy things with money in the shop, you can only purchase things with hearts. This is a really amazing idea. And it is really interesting and sweet to buy things with hearts instead of money. It is such a romantic thing. The whole game is filled with love because of this creative idea.
      Although it is not very easy to feed the cat and try to make it comfortable by stroking it, cutting the nails, and giving it a shower from time to time. Each task is challenging. And you also need to be very careful to do each of these things because, for example, if you want to cut nails for this cat, you need to swipe a straight line quickly. And you might cut this catís hands or arms because he keeps moving and refuses to stand still. And the temperature of the water needs to be kept stable when you are giving it a shower. It can not be too hot and it cannot be too cold. But if you're not good at taking care of a cat, you can also try to get more hearts by preparing food for your lover when he is busy with his work and by taking good care of your garden. And you can also watch video for extra hearts. Believe me, you will need a lot of hearts if you want to buy television, soft sofa, coffee table and other necessary furniture for your lounge.
      It is such a sweet and warm thing to have an ideal home with your partner. Everything is so happy and so satisfactory, especially if you have no chance to live with your partner in real life, but you really want to do so. The whole atmosphere is so loving and harmonious. And you will feel totally relaxed. Everything is under your control. You can decide each detail of your own life, including the color of your sofa, the shape of the table and the time that you want to go to bed.
      Overall, when you have nothing else to do, this is a cool game to try out. And I would strongly recommend this game for you if you are a person who really likes cats since you will have opportunity to raise a lot of cats. And you will have a really happy time with your pets and your lover!